Programmable Encoders Feature Innovative Design to Maximize Reliability and Performance in “Miniaturized” Applications


SICK STEGMANN, INC. introduces the DiCoderâ CKS 36 Programmable Motor Feedback System. The user-programmable DiCoder CKS36 provides resolution up to 2,048 pulses per revolution and commutation signals of up to 32 pole pairs, and provides rugged operation and precise performance in applications with operating temperatures ranging from -20°C to 110°C.

“The CKS 36 rotary encoder has fundamentally different construction when compared with conventional rotary encoders. The result is an absolute minimum number of system components, which opens the door to the production of truly miniaturized rotary encoders and allows small motor manufacturers to considerably shorten the overall length of their motors,” says Scott Hewitt, President, SICK STEGMANN, INC.

DiCoder CKS 36 encoders feature the innovative Mini-Disc (MiDi) technology, a very small code disc that includes a track radius of just 2 mm. This permits integral (full) scanning of the entire code disc, which eliminates eccentricity errors of the code disk, ball bearings and shaft common to conventional systems. And unlike conventional rotary encoders, the DiCoder CKS 36 code disk is mounted in the center of the axis of rotation so that the code disk no longer limits high angular velocities.
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