Programmable LCD Modules


Offering OEMs an innovative solution for speeding development time for new product designs requiring displays, EarthLCD has introduced the ezLCD Series of programmable color TFT LCD Modules with touchscreens.  These intelligent serial LCDs incorporate all the necessary components for a graphical user interface (GUI) in a small, low power consumption package that enables OEMs to quickly and easily customize the LCD for their specific product application. ezLCD Modules are suitable for use in a wide variety of markets including medical, industrial control, embedded applications, status monitor, avionics/nautical, home appliances, automotive, and digital signage.  
        The ezLCD modules incorporate an LCD, controller, LCD driver circuitry, processor, and graphic controller.  Sophisticated PC based software tools allow the user to quickly customize firmware, graphical objects and interfaces.  By housing the bulk of the electronics into a virtually turn-key module, OEMs can focus on the specific application requirements without spending time reinventing graphical hardware and software. Additionally, with ezLCD’s elimination of a graphics controller at the production end of the process, time associated with component sourcing and purchasing is significantly reduced.
        “The ezLCD family solidifies EarthLCD’s position as a true OEM LCD solutions provider,” says Steve Cipolla, EarthLCD President.  “After years of extensive work with design engineers during the prototyping phase of their projects, we have used that knowledge to design an easy to use, and easy to program, intelligent LCD module.”  Connectivity for the ezLCD family is provided via Serial, USB, i2C, SPI, or Parallel interfaces.  Users simply upload bitmap images, fonts or icons and control them with a microcontroller or PC.  Existing embedded products can add a GUI or status display LCD quickly and with little change to the system.  Unlike competitive products on the market, the ezLCD’s modular design provides for easier LCD custom integration.  Additionally, color capabilities offer added flexibility and support a wider range of users, especially in consumer applications where aesthetics add important added value.
        Highlighted in the series is the ezLCD-101-EDK, which features a bright 10.4” 640x480 TFT Color LCD, making it ideally suitable for applications where large screen displays are required, such as medical devices, security monitoring systems, and industrial controls.  The unit includes integrated touch screen, 400 Nits (Cd/M2), USB 2.0, true Rs232 with + 12 Volt supply voltage, and is RoHS compliant.  Additional features include S.D. flash card for graphics expansion, OEM data storage, and logging capabilities. Three other models in the ezLCD family include the ezLCD-001-EDK (2.7”), ezLCD-004-EDK(5.6”), and ezLCD-104 (5.7”).  Providing the same intelligent LCD technology, these units incorporate smaller displays and lower supply voltages.  The ezLCD family is immediately available from stock and usually ships within three days of order.  Prices range from $199.00 to $629.00 depending on model. 


• Full ezLCD Command Set • 10.4" 640x480, 18 bit Color TFT LCD, capable of 242,144 simultaneous colors • 400 Nits • Integrated Resistive Touch Screen • Embedded LCD Controller • Full Speed USB 2.0 Interface 480Mbits/s (via USB connector) • Serial (true-RS232), I2c Interface, and SPI • Integrated SD/MMC (Secure Digital/MultiMedia) Memory Slot! • High Performance, Low Power AVR32 32-Bit Microcontroller • Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s • Audio Out • +12 Volt Powered (Includes Power Supply) • Optional Enclosure (XLM-ezLCD-101)
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