Programmable Relay Module


Providing design engineers with a robust switching device, Trombetta’s Programmable Relay Module can be customized to fit harsh environment applications. The cost-effective Programmable Relay Module switches loads up to 40 amps and features switching points, output timing, and delay timing responses to external parameters with presets and response maps tailored to application requirements.
Typical inputs are switch or resistive type sensors, as well as
the module’s own optional internal thermistor, allowing control input parameters to
include temperature, pressure, light, vibration, and other logic or control functions.
“The Programmable Relay Module is an extremely robust, environmentally sealed
switching device that can be programmed to meet a customer’s application requirements
at an economical price,” said Charles Trayner, national sales manager at Trombetta.
Featuring a voltage range of 6V DC to 18V DC and a IP 66/67 rating, the
Programmable Relay Module is ideal for on- and off-highway applications such as: fan
relay; engine shut down from high temperature, low oil or high speed/RPM; flasher turn
signal; seat switch delay, anti-back fire relay, solenoid multi-coil control; low oil start;
diesel pre-heat relay; rev limiter; automatic lights; and more.
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