Programmable Stripping Machine


The UniStrip 2550 is a fully programmable stripping machine, offering high precision and flexibility. It strips wires ranging in size from 0.03 - 6 mm² (32 - 10 AWG) and jacketed cables up to 5.5mm (0.22”) in diameter. The machine comes standard with V blades, the optimum solution for stripping most wires without having to change blades. The UniStrip 2550 can also be equipped with radius, die or flat blades, depending on the application. These special blade types are used for stripping wires with difficult to strip insulations such as Teflon, Kapton, Kynar, etc., typically used in the military and aerospace industries. 

An integrated library of standard wire sizes and an intuitive menu-guided touchscreen interface make the UniStrip 2550 the most user-friendly machine of its type on the market. All parameters are fully programmable and can be stored or recalled in seconds. Excellent ergonomics, including focused LED lighting, provide a high level of operator comfort. The UniStrip 2550 is a perfect complement to the highly successful UniStrip 2300 stripping machine. Both machines share a common user interface and machine design. While both machines can use universal V blades, the UniStrip 2550 goes one step further in being able to use radius blades, die blades, flat blades, etc.


  • integrated library of standard wire sizes
  • intuitive menu-guided touchscreen

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