Project Status Magnetic Whiteboards


Teams who focus on productivity, process, quality, 5S and other lean manufacturing improvements use the new Do-Done StepTracker whiteboard as a rallying point for project management and coordination. “We use the Do-Done board to display the current status of our company-wide lean initiatives and training. Each of our production cells and departments is listed down the side and the milestones are along the top. As we start a project, the squares are filled with yellow circles. Turning the magnets over to display green shows completion and is a source of pride for team members; you can really see the progress we’ve made. It also reconfirms the fact that we’re committed to this and that there is still work left to be done.” Lean Coordinator Colombus, GA. 

“Our customers keep coming up with new ways to use the Do-Done StepTracker; product development, process improvement and employee training are just a few.” says Christian Krapf, spokesperson for Magnatag “The boards provide a focal point for project participants. The easy to use Red-Green Flip-Over magnets show the status of each project as it moves toward completion so you can clearly see what’s done and where things are held up” continued Krapf. “They are flexible and easy to use, project step headings and names can be customized or changed on the fly using magnetic cardholders with printable inserts.” The Do-Done StepTracker arrives ready-to-use with magnets and everything needed to operate it. Lines and lettering are heat-fused printed and can be customized as you order on line.


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