Proportional Flow Control Cartridge Valves


Sauer-Danfoss has expanded its family of proportional flow control cartridge valves to provide new sizes, including a smaller, more compact design that delivers higher pressure capabilities. The valves work in conjunction with hydraulic integrated circuits (HICs) to regulate the fluid flow that controls specific equipment operations. For mobile machinery OEMs, the new valves mean precise control and smooth manipulation of everything from combine headers to forklifts to lawnmowers. “We fully met our goals for this product expansion, which included cavity standardization, higher pressure capability and extended use of robust coils,” said Darren Magner, Product Portfolio Manager, Sauer-Danfoss, Ames, USA. “With the addition of these new valves, Sauer-Danfoss now offers the most complete portfolio of proportional flow controls, and our maximum flow capacity is among the best available. The valves are also PLUS+1TM Compliant for easy electronic interface with Sauer-Danfoss’ growing PLUS+1 control network for mobile machinery.” Compact Size, Optimum Control, Higher Pressure and Flow With this product extension, Sauer-Danfoss now offers proportional flow control cartridge valves in three standard cavity sizes – 10, 12 and a new 16 series – providing a broad range of new and modified flow rates. The proportional flow valves are available in eight different schemes, consisting of “NO” (normally opened) and “NC” (normally closed) options in the following valve types: 1) priority pressure compensated, 2) restrictive pressure compensated, 3) restrictive spool (non-compensated), and 4) restrictive poppet (non-compensated). The proportional valves regulate equipment operations by controlling the flow entering or leaving circuits. For example, to keep a combine header in place, the restrictive poppet valve is used. This valve, which now includes new 12 series and 16 series options, minimizes slip to a negligible amount – so a farmer can put a combine header in a raised position and can count on it to stay there. Designed for Harsh Off-Highway Environments All of Sauer-Danfoss’ proportional flow control cartridge valves come standard with robust coils (M19P and D14E), which are more tolerant of adverse conditions ranging from voltage extremes to high temperatures to water ingression. The coils have been rigorously tested and carry an IP69K environmental protection rating. The pressure capability of the proportional flow control cartridge valves is 260 bar, or 3770 psi; and maximum flow rates are 120 LPM, or 32 GPM. “Sauer-Danfoss’ portfolio of proportional flow control cartridge valves and robust coils meet the most stringent requirements of major OEMs. The valves provide precision control of machine operations, and the robust coils ultimately extend equipment life – even in harsh off-highway environments,” said Magner.


• Rated pressure: 320 bar [4640 psi] • Rated fow at 10 bar [145 psi]: 30 l/min [8 US gal/min] • Weight: 2.40 kg [5.29 lb] • Hysteresis: 6% maximum • Threshold current: 0.5 A (12 VDC coil), 0.25 A (24 VDC coil) • Maximum control current: 2.4 A (12 VDC coil), 1.2 A (24 VDC coil) • Cavity: ISO D03 • Standard Coil: PD03 40 Watt • Coil nut: 158-8005
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