Protective Guardrail System


Tired of painting your guardrail?  The Ideal Shield® Protective Guardrail System eliminates the need for costly scraping and painting of guardrail.  Made of schedule 80 and schedule 40 pipe sleeved in OSHA Yellow ¼ in. high-density polyethylene thermoplastic (HDPE) tube, our guardrail is the strongest on the market. The Ideal Shield® Guardrail can withstand multiple hits from a 12,000 lb forklift traveling 8 miles per hour.  Delivered fully assembled for an installation that is quick and inexpensive.  Standard or custom lengths and heights available and either plate or core installation are available. Additional guarding products available include, Safety Wall Guarding, Gate Systems, Rack Guarding, Highway Guardrail and Heavy Duty Guardrail.


* Easy installation * Delivered fully assembled * Removable and reusable as floor plan changes * Strongest guardrail on the market * Easy Installation * Low maintenance * Removable and reusable as floor plan changes * Withstands low temperatures * Eliminates frequent door replacements * Easy installation & no field welding * Plant Engineering Product of the Year Award Winner * Standard options to choose from * In stock ready to ship
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