Proximity Switches


New corrosion-resistant, all-metal inductive proximity switches meet tough IP 68 and IP69K standards for the food processing industry

Contrinex is introducing its new Series 700 all-metal inductive proximity switches that offer total resistance to corrosion by cleaning and disinfecting agents, or organic acids.

Their extremely rugged, one-piece housing (including the sensing face) is made of food-safe AISI 316L stainless steel. Connection is made by means of food-safe TPE-S cable or S12 connector. Cable versions are completely pressure-resistant to 1,150 psi (M12), 850 psi (M18), and 600 psi (M30).

These sensors feature IP 68 and IP69K degree of protection.

Series 700 sensors provide long operating distances on steel, stainless steel (for material thickness of more than 2 mm) and aluminum.

They are ideal food processing applications in industries such as: canning, beverage and brewing; meat processing; animal feeding (free-range and feeding installations); and many other types of food processing machines.


• Rated operating distance sn: 3 mm- • M8 embeddable – 6 mm • Hysteresis - ≤ 15% sr • Standard target - - 9 x9x1mm,FE360 • Repeat accuracy - ≤ 5% sr (UB =20... 30VDC,) • Supply voltage range UB – 10..30VDC • Output current - ≤ 200 mA • No-load supply current- ≤ 10 mA • Ambient temperature range TA • LED (secured zone) - on • LED (non-secured zone) - blinking • Temperature drift of sr - ≤10% • Operating pressure - 1,450 psi max. • Degree of protection (cable / connector) - IP 68/IP 67
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