PS 30 and PS 35 Ferrodedectors


Keep the job running by detecting potential problems before they happen with the new Hilti PS 30 & 35 Ferrodetectors.  The Ferrodetectors  look beneath the surface to help locate hazards lurking within concrete and masonry—hazards that not only present a safety risk, but also a potential source of costly delays to the progress of building work when coring and drilling.

The PS 30 and PS 35 Ferrodetectors are capable of locating reinforcing bars in concrete up to a depth of 4 ¾” as well as copper or aluminum pipes in concrete or masonry to a depth of up to 3”— with an accuracy of +/- 3/8”.

The Hilti PS 30 can determine whether a reinforcing bar, copper or aluminum pipe is located beneath the concrete surface before drilling in order to avoid destroying expensive bits or tools or cutting through structurally-relevant reinforcement.

The Hilti PS 35 takes it one step further by indicating depth of the detected object before expensive damage is done to concealed pipes or cables.  And, the Hilti PS 35’s maximum detection range can be set so that the tool only detects these objects within a certain distance, helpful for setting anchors at a specific depth.  The PS 35 is designed to locate rebar, copper, EMT in concrete, CMU, or brick.

Both the PS 30 & 35 Ferrodetectors are easy to use with single button operation and easy-to-read red and green LED indicator lights.  And, the durable rubber casing is designed to withstand tough jobsite condition.


  • locate rebar, copper, EMT in concrete, CMU, or brick
  • accuracy of +/- 3/8”
  • green LED indicator lights
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