PT501 Sunlight Visible Panel- Mount LEDs


LEDtronics® announces PT501 Sunlight Visible Panel- Mount LEDs that shine brightly and are encased in a gorgeous housing.

The PT501 Panel Mount LEDs come in different LED lens types like water-clear, diffused, and low-cost diffused. These LEDs are perfect for any of your applications demanding a panel type LED indicator that is visible in sunlight, rugged, and still looks great. The high quality constructed PT501 LEDs come in an attractive chrome housing or an optional black housing for a subtler look.

PT501 LEDs come with a 6” Wire lead or terminal and are offered in many LED colors like Ultra Red, Super Yellow, Super Green, Super Blue, and 8000K Super White. Water-clear styles illuminate 625 to 1800 MCDs at 12° to 15° angles. Diffused styles distribute a pleasant glow at 27 to 500 MCDs at 35° to 40° angles. Both of these versions come in 24/28V and low voltage 3.5V to fit almost any of your application demands. Low-Cost Diffused models output 50 to 160 MCD at 50° to 55° angles. The thread and pitch size for these LED indicators are M8 x 0.75 and fit panel thickness from 0.031 inch (0.8 mm) to 0.187 inch (4.8mm).
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