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The DryStop AODD (Air Operated Double Diaphragm) pump controller automatically shuts off pumps when they run dry. Because AODD pumps are often installed in sumps in dirty environments, level sensors frequently fail due to debris or corrosion. Unlike a level sensor, DryStop does not monitor the liquid level, but instead listens to the pump through its air inlet like a stethoscope. When the pump speeds up indicating that all available liquid is gone, DryStop shuts the pump down. When an AODD pump runs dry (without liquid), it is running unnecessarily, and can waste thousands of dollars in compressed air and unnecessary maintenance costs. 

Many factory operators and maintenance personnel are unaware of these costs, and oftentimes leave pumps running much longer after a job is done. The DryStop controller allows workers to turn a pump on and walk away without having to remember to come back and turn the air off again. DryStop will automatically shut down the pump when the job is completed. The DryStop controller has a Manual-Only and Automatic Restart mode. The Automatic Restart mode can be used to periodically turn the pump on to check for fluid, and is typically used in sump applications where fluid sporadically fills the sump. In the Manual-Only mode, DryStop will not restart the pump until a worker presses a restart button. This mode is typically used to transfer fluid from one container to a new location. 


  • Automatic restart time: 2min to 24 hours
  • Pipe size: ¾” NPT
  • Max pressure: 120 psi
  • Power: 24VDC


  • automatically shuts off pumps when they run dry
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