Punch Assembly


AZCO Corp. is excited to introduce a servo motor driven punch assembly which allows for high speed operation, precise control and low maintenance.  This module uses a punch and die tooling made of through hardened tooling to provide customers with high precision quality cuts.   A roll of base material is placed on the motorized unwind. As the dancer moves, the unwind feeds out material to a set of idler rollers. The modular punch station is controlled by a servo motor drive. Full control of the drive permits the punch to operate at 400 cycles per minute.

Punched slugs fall into a waste bin below. Precision driven servo driven nip rollers pull the material through the punch station. From the nip rollers, a motorized rewind winds the material onto a cardboard core.   The entire station is mounted onto a base plate for easy operation. All functions are controlled from the color touch screen making it easy to use. Just plug it into a 110vac outlet and load material.


  • high speed operation
  • servo motor drive
  • color touch screen
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