Pur-Comfort No. 504 Anti-Fatigue Mat


Wearwell announces the launch of Pur-Comfort No. 504, a radically new anti-fatigue mat certified for use in ISO class 5 clean rooms. Unlike other anti-fatigue mats, Pur-Comfort passes both Surface Particulation (no base material emissions being generated - Certified by Dr. Philip Austin), and Dynamic Headspace (Testing per IEST-RP-CC031.2 resulted in a very low level organics). Pur-Comfort is alsocleaned and certified to level 5 clean rooms, double-bagged and individually boxed. “We wanted to insure this mat met the requirements of critical environments, including an initial level of cleanliness”, according to Elliot Greenberg, President and CEO of Wearwell. “ Pur-Comfort is ready to go into an ISO Class 5 clean room”. Designed to meet the needs and concerns of clean room managers and their employees, Pur-Comfort is also static dissipative and provides an exceptionally high-level of long-term performance, comfort and crush resistance. In fact, it has a 10 year resilience warranty.
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