Push-to-Close Latches


Southco has developed a series of modular, push-to-close latches that offer easy and intuitive closing in both single-point and two-point latching installations. These new latches provide an ideal solution for a variety of applications including kiosks, HVAC and industrial machinery access panels. Southco’s E5 Push-to-Close Cam Latch delivers one-touch closing convenience by incorporating a spring-loaded ramped cam. Upon closing a door or panel the cam retracts, allowing the door to close, followed by the spring return of the cam which secures the door. The E5 also features a locked/unlocked status indicator to provide users with quick visual status confirmation.  

Product benefits include: 

  • Easy installation with a single hole and single mounting nut
  • Available in numerous actuation and dimensional options
  • Spring-loaded cams secure doors rapidly, resist vibration and provide long-lasting durability
  • Latch actuation available with both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation 
  • Available with hand-actuated, tool-actuated and key-locking designs
  • Available in a variety of finishes including chrome, black and custom color
  • Maximum static working load of 330 N (74 lbf) 


  • easy and intuitive closing
  • one-touch closing convenience
  • spring-loaded ramped cam

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