PVC and CPVC Duct Dampers


A standard line of PVC and CPVC duct dampers offered in butterfly, gravity, and blast gate types for fume removal applications is being introduced by Chemical Systems Services, Inc. CSSI Backdraft Dampers come in three flow control types: butterfly for balancing airflow, a gravity backflow preventer which closes when the air pressure stops, and a blast gate for on/off where space constraints exist. 

Ideally suited for handling corrosive fumes, they are offered in PVC or CPVC construction with flanged, belled, and plain ends, depending upon version. Available in standard sizes from 4” to 24” dia., CSSI Backdraft Dampers provide a corrosion-resistant solution that is compatible with popular fume removal duct.  Sizes up to 80” dia. and polypropylene construction are also offered.  Applications include fume and tank hoods and ventilation systems for electro-platers, manufacturers, HVAC, and process requirements.


  • butterfly, gravity, and blast gate types
  • three flow control types
  • sizes from 4” to 24” dia

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