Q-12DS Pool and Spa Switches


Component Recognized (E85349)

True flow switch performance at a price competitive with pressure switches

  • Specialized cables and connectors available for O.E.M. applications.
  • Available in a clear one piece 3/4 inch barbed tee eliminating leakage and labor associated with glued fittings.
  • Sense low flow independently of pressure or temperature.
  • The Q-12DS bending blade design eliminates all sliding and pivoting friction and sticking problems, providing a trouble-free life measured in years.
  • Positive stop of bending beam eliminates fatigue effects of turbulence, vibration and flow surge.
  • Designed for O.E.M. and Field Service installations.
  • Very small size - Designed for mounting directly into heater housings or equipment packs.
  • Use for direct input to solid state controllers or with a relay motor contactor to directly controlpump motors, heaters, etc.
  • WETTED SURFACES: Noryl (Polyphenylene Oxide), 316 Stainless Steel and epoxy.
  • Very low pressure drop - typically less than 1.0 psi at rated flow.
  • Mount in any position.
  • Turn key product with optional tee fittings and cable/connectors.
  • Factory Direct
  • Made in the USA.
  • Guaranteed
  • Design proven by over 15 years of reliable service in the pool and spa industry.



  • SPNO (NO) No Flow. Switch contacts close at and above flow set point.
  • Contact ratings: (Model Q-12DS-C2) 10W,VA
  • AC Voltage (max. switching) 100 VAC
  • DC Voltage (max. switching) 100 VDC
  • Dry circuit performance for use with micro-processor based controllers.
  • Current (max. switching) 0.5 amp DC
  • Current (max. carrying) 1.0 amp
  • Contact Resistance 0.10 ohms
  • HIGH POWER REED SWITCH Available with 50W, 300 VAC/350 VDC, SPNO reed switch. Model Q-12DS50)
  • INDUCTIVE LOADS (Model Q-12DS 50) Switch contacts have been tested with inductive relay and 30 amp motor contactor drive coils at 120 VAC and 240 VAC to 500,000 operations without failure. Maximum allowable volt – amp (VA) rating of relay operating coil is 8.0 VA or less.
  • Pressure drop typically less than 1.0 psi at rated flow.
  • Materials: Noryl (Polyphenylene Oxide), 316 Stainless Steel and epoxy.
  • Mount in any position.

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