TURCK’s uprox®+  line of advanced factor 1 sensors has been expanded to include the Q10S sensor: a very compact 10 x 10 x 28 mm sensor that can achieve sensing distances of up to 5 mm, depending on mounting configuration. Q10S proximity sensors feature an active side face and detect all metals—including aluminum, copper and steel—at the same rated distance without requiring reinstallation, saving considerable labor costs over traditional ferrite core proximity sensors. This application flexibility makes Q10S sensors suitable for a broad range of industries, such as material handling, automated assembly, conveying, sorting, product positioning and industrial robotics.
 Along with their extended range, Q10S sensors provide an integrated pre-damping function that allows them to be mounted directly on metal or flush-mounted, with metal present on four sides, without a reduction in performance. Furthermore, with an intermediate metal plate, the sensors can even be mounted directly beside one another without causing interference. Their internal electronics also make the sensors particularly resistant to EMC and provide an IP 68 protection rating.
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