Banner Engineering Corp. introduces the WORLD-BEAM® QS18 Universal Voltage sensors featuring ac or dc voltage operation. The 3-wire photoelectric sensors deliver solid-state output for reliable presence/absence detection in a wide variety of applications, including package and material handling. In addition, the rugged sensors feature the compact, self-contained WORLD-BEAM housing with a variety of mounting options to meet versatile requirements and easily fit or retrofit most configurations. QS18 Universal Voltage sensors provide 20 to 140V ac or dc, or 20 to 270V ac or dc operation with a choice of P-MOSFET (sourcing) or N-MOSFET (sinking) solid-state output for enhanced sensor life and faster switching and response time than mechanical relays. The versatile sensors are light operate or dark operate, depending on the model, and long-range diffuse models are available for sensing up to 1 m. Additionally, QS18 Universal Voltage sensors feature robust housing with 18 mm threaded barrel or basemount, side-mount and retrofit bracket options—all in a rugged IP67 (NEMA 6) housing and with encapsulated electronics to resist harsh environments. Plus, bright LED status indicators are visible from 360 degrees for simple status monitoring from any angle. “QS18 Universal Voltage sensors provide exceptional optical performance in user-selected ac or dc voltage operation,” said Mike Turner, Business Development Manager—Material Handling, “These high-performance sensors can deliver the power of an ac sensor in a compact package.” Turner adds, “Plus, QS18 Universal Voltage sensors are available in a variety of models and with diverse housing and mounting options to suit a wide array of application needs, including those in the most demanding environments.” Rugged QS18 Universal Voltage sensors are rated PW12 (1200 psi) for washdown environments and are UL listed, CSA certified and CE marked. Plus, models offer a 300V rated 2 or 9 m attached cable or 4-pin Micro-style pigtail quick-disconnect, and a 600V cable is also available. Applications. Compact QS18 Universal Voltage sensors can replace sensors in factories using either ac or dc power. Package handling Pallet detection Conveyor lane full detection Merge control Conveyor jam detection Baggage handling Bottle conveying Traffic and gate control Forest and agriculture products In addition, several features of the QS18 Universal Voltage sensor make it particularly useful in the above applications: Features ac or dc voltage operation Provides 20 to 140V ac or dc, or 20 to 270V ac or dc operation with a choice of P-MOSFET (sourcing) or N-MOSFET (sinking) solid-state output Sensing modes include opposed pair, retro-reflective, polarized retro-reflective, diffuse, and long range diffuse models for sensing up to 1 m Offers choice of light operate or dark operate models Features compact WORLD-BEAM QS18 housing with encapsulated electronics Provides versatile mounting options; easily fits or retrofits most configurations
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