QTA Torque Arms


Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in precision fastening tools and equipment, has released the QTA torque arm, a torque reaction device designed for industrial production and assembly. QTA torque arms with torque capacities between 10 and 150 Nm utilize an anodized aluminum construction. This lightweight material allows operators to perform repetitive tasks with minimal stress to body joints in fastening applications. Torque arms with capacities between 275 and 475 Nm are built of steel to provide operators with greater ergonomic support. In addition to ergonomic benefits, the torque arms also enable more efficient operator motion for enhanced productivity. Featuring several tool holders and mounting options, the QTA torque arms accommodate a variety of tools and application workspace requirements. Its adjustable reach and 360-degree movement for torque capacities between 10 and 100 Nm allow operators greater flexibility. Generic in-line tool clamps are also included for torque ranges between 10 and 100 Nm. These clamps can hold a pneumatic or DC electric tool for precision fastening applications. Customized tool clamps are available for your specific Ingersoll Rand air or electric tool. QTA torque arms also provide easy vertical movement by using spring balancers for models with torque capacities between 10 and 150 Nm. The balancers can be adjusted for increased or decreased load. For models with torque capacities up to 270 and 475 Nm, an air cylinder with regulator is used. Cable management clips keep air lines and cables out of the operator’s way by affixing them to the arm and routing them away from the workspace.
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