Quad Pod Light Tower


Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com has announced the addition of a heavy duty light tower that provides powerful illumination and high durability in an easily transported design. This industrial grade tower provides illumination for up to 6,400 square feet, yet can be easily broken down and transported. Constructed of heavy duty steel and incorporating dual 500 watt Quartz light heads, this adjustable tower is ideal for work operations and emergency response services where high power and dependability are critical. 

The WAL-QP-2X500-25 work area floodlight from Magnalight.com is designed to provide powerful illumination and portability in a package built to withstand heavy duty use and harsh operating conditions. Equipped with two 500 watt quartz light heads, the WAL-QP-2X500-25 produces a 17,500 lumen light beam with a wide flood pattern that is capable of illuminating 6,400 square feet of work space. The light heads are independently adjustable, allowing operators to change the angle and direction of each light head as needed to provide the best coverage. To provide stability as well as portability, Magnalight has designed this unit as a highly stable quad pod tower that can withstand inclement weather conditions and heavy duty use. The four supporting legs are foldable and provide excellent stability, even under windy conditions, and the light assembly is mated to a detachable mounting bracket that can be removed from the tower without the use of tools. 

An integral carry handle located at the center of the tower allows users to simply fold the legs and collapse the tower for easy carrying, and the entire package can be easily stowed and transported in work vehicles and trucks. As an added bonus for buyers, this easily compacted design allows Magnalight to ship these units via UPS next day air delivery and avoid pallet freight charges which reduces shipping costs to customers. This portable light tower is constructed of heavy duty materials including 1 inch diameter by 1/8 inch thick steel support legs, 3 inch diameter steel center post, spring loaded push pins for tower adjustment locking, and an included 25 foot 16/3 SEOOW abrasive and oil resistant power cord with 5-15 straight blade plug. A heavy duty painted finish provides protection against the weather and corrosion and adds an attractive appearance. This tower is adjustable, and can be set from 7 to 10 feet in height at 2 inch increments for optimal placement and coverage of the work area. Magnalight has also included a set of base mounted wheels to further ease deployment, allowing operators to simply tilt the assembled tower and roll it from one location to another within the work area. The heavy duty construction and high power of this quad pod tower makes it ideal for construction sites, emergency services, utilities operators, and anywhere a high durable and reliable source of portable illumination is needed.        

“The WAL-QP-2X500-25 has been designed for operators in need of reliable portable industrial lighting,” said Rob Bresnahan of Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com.  “The quad pod stand on this tower breaks down so compact that rush air freight shipments are now possible; these towers do not have to be palletized for shipment. Operators at construction sites, emergency services, utility work sites and military will find this heavy duty portable light tower an extremely versatile option for temporary lighting applications.”


  • powerful illumination and portability
  • two 500 watt quartz light heads
  • integral carry handle

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