Quadrature Encoder Display from BEI – Plug it in, Watch it go!


This straightforward digital counter accepts quadrature encoder outputs and displays either rotational or linear position on a bright, easy-to-read numeric display. Fully operational right out of the box, the SA100 does not require optional plug-in boards or a complicated configuration process. Simply connect a rotary or linear encoder to the connector on the rear panel and then use the included 12VDC power supply to power up the SA100. Positional information is displayed immediately. Displaying either linear (inches and millimeters) or rotational units (decimal degrees or DMS), the handy SA100 is the ideal display for a wide variety of open loop applications. Error compensation, zeroing, scaling, count direction and display resolutions are just a few of the user settings accessible via the front panel.


• Construction: 1/16”sheet metal • Dimensions: Height:2.835”,Width:5.878”, • Depth:2.756”,Weight:1.07 lbs,Cut-out:5.575" x 2. • Bezel:5.65" x 2.83",Depth:2.732" • Operating Voltage: 12-27 VDC ±10% • (power supply 60012-003 included) • Maximum Power Consumption: 6 watts • Maximum Data Rate: 2MHz • Operating Temperature: 0 to 45°C • Storage Temperature: -20 to 60°C
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