Quick Disassembly U-joint Cuts Downtime to Minutes


Curtis Universal has developed a U-joint coupling with a quick-change feature for applications that run more or less constantly and for which “uptime” is critical. These U-joints provide a fast and easy way to disassemble and reassemble the joint, either prior to installing it or after it has been run.

Known as TakeApartTM couplings, they are used on food processing and packaging machinery, conveyors, surgical tables, valve actuators on ships and submarines, beverage-filling systems, ventilators, textile equipment, washers, and other drives where continuous service is critical.

A single lock ring acts like a safety wire, holding the pins, block, and hubs together. By releasing the spring, a user can replace the components of the U-joint in less than two minutes—without the need for special tools.

These universal joints are available in OD sizes from 7/8 to 4 in., with torque capacities from 1800 to 131000 lb-in.—far greater than the capacity of cross-type (cardan) joints of the same size. Also, they can handle shaft misalignment up to 35°.

Curtis makes TakeApart universal joints in a variety of alloys—including alloy steel, stainless, and naval brass—for specific environmental conditions.
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