QuickSilver's Introduces the M11-1: Its Smallest Servomotor Yet


QuickSilver Controls, Inc. expands its current line of high-torque, direct-drive servomotors to include a NEMA 11 frame (QCI-M11-1). With a face plate of 1.1 inches, a length of 2 inches and weighing only 5oz, the M11-1 is designed to fit in all those small places. The NEMA 11 frame motor generates 9 in-oz of continuous torque and comes with a 4000 count/rev encoder. When combined with QuickSilver’s line of easy to use servo controller/drivers, this motor creates a high torque servo control system at speeds up to 4000 RPM. With QCI’s ability to handle inertial miss-matches of 100x1, this motor is ideal for driving large flywheel loads without additional gearing. The M11-1 is miserly on power, requiring the controller to draw only 1.3 amps from the 12V to 48V power supply. See the QuickSilver website for a datasheet.


• Maximum Speed (RPM) - 4000 • Optimal Speed (RPM)* - 1000 • Torque at Optimal Speed oz-in/ mNm - 8 , 57 • Continuous Stall Torque oz-in/ mNm – 9, 64 • Peak Power (Mech. Watts) - 13.2 • Rotor Inertia oz-in2 /Kg-m2 - 0.05, 9.1E-07 • Weight ounces/Kg – 5, 0.14 • Maximum Current (amps)**- 1.3 • Operational Temperature - -10 C to +80 C • Storage Temperature - - 40 C to +85 C • Humidity - Continuous specification is 95% RH non-condensing • IP Rating - IP40
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