'QwikStack modular subplate


Chick Workholding Solutions, Inc. is excited to unveil the QwikStack, a modular subplate designed for small workpiece fixturing.

The QwikStack is designed to utilize large workholding systems for high-density, small workpieces by interfacing directly with Chick System 5 1550 QwikLoks and MultiLoks.  This also creates a pallet changing system that allows for seamless transition between jobs, since the QwikStack is easily removed in seconds.  The QwikStack can also be easily mounted to a VMC’s T-Slotted table or Chick Foundation using toe clamps.

Up to ten 50mm (2 inch) Chick QwikLoks can be mounted horizontally, creating twenty small-part clamping stations, or six QwikLoks can be mounted vertically to add even more versatility to the QwikStack.

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