R-300A Multipacker


The new R-300A Multipacker, with speeds up to 350 cpm, has a Zero-Downtime feature that allows it to run while film is being spliced between rolls.  To achieve this, a PDC Accumulator Module accumulates film while ramping down run speed for 60 seconds - the time it takes to manually splice the film.  This new feature makes shutdowns a thing of the past, and is a huge advantage for makers of high-volume or promotional products, as well as contract packers who want to maximize equipment uptime. 

The PDC Accumulator Module is part of a suite of features engineered by PDC to make operation user-friendly, while reducing downtime. Other features in this suite include tool-less size changeover, ergonomic color-coded handles, SIKO digital indicator dials, and motorized machine head height with preset positions, all of which also facilitate quick changeover.

The R-300A is one of the most versatile packing technologies on the market. It configures seamlessly as a multipacker or a shrink labeler and can be easily changed over to operate in either mode.  

PDC Multipackers accommodate both straight-wall and hourglass containers, and are ideal for rigid packages, cartons, bottles, and cans.  Oval, square, round and rectangular packages can all be twin packed.  Multipacking with a printed shrink sleeve  creates high shelf visibility, with the sleeve working as a powerful marketing tool.  Printed sleeves eliminate the need to orient the product within the pack; they also conceal individual product bar codes, which helps prevent inadvertent scanning. 

For the most challenging applications, the R-300A is supplied with special product handling that groups and orients products in dual counter-rotating timing screws, then hands them off to servo-controlled gripper belts. This allows precise product handling and optimizes presentation of the packages for sleeving.

In addition to the Accumulator Module, the R-300A can be supplied with accompanying conveyors, inspection modules and both hot air and steam shrink tunnels, as well as steam venting packages, such as the one shown on the photo.  

R-300 systems have the important cost and "sustainability" advantage of running thinner gauge films of PETG, PVC, OPS and PLA (including freezer grades), 1.5 to 2 mils (40 to 50 micron) at high speeds, over extended periods. 


  • speeds up to 350 cpm
  • accommodates both straight-wall and hourglass containers
  • tool-less size changeover
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