R/flex JADE™ Series Adhesive System for Flex Circuit Designs


Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG) is introducing R/flex JADE™ series flexible circuit materials, which are the next generation of the industry-leading R/flex CRYSTAL® epoxy adhesive system. Environmentally friendly, these materials meet flammability requirements without the use of halogens. They are also lead-free solder capable, meeting the environmental requirements imposed upon commercial applications worldwide without compromising the performance required for today’s demanding flexible circuit designs. What’s new about this product? R/flex JADE flexible circuit materials display superior thermal stability and are robust enough to withstand multiple passes through lead-free processing. Like the traditional R/flex CRYSTAL product line, R/flex JADE flexible circuit materials offer increased yields and better results in fine-line, tight tolerance designs due to excellent dimensional stability properties. Product features and benefits include: ? RoHS compliant, Halogen-free flame retardant system ? High Tg (glass transition temperature) allows for higher temperature exposures, higher yields in multilayer builds, and better flex life despite rigorous processing conditions ? Superior thermal stability allows R/flex JADE material to withstand multiple passes through lead-free soldering ? Transparent adhesive system facilitates optical inspection ? Available in bonding film, coverlay, and flexible copper clad laminate constructions.


• Copper Clad Laminates: IPC 4204/4
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