Rack Roller Pinion System


Nexen Group Inc. announces the Roller Pinion System, Universal Rack model. Nexen’s Roller Pinion System (RPS)—also available in Premium Rack and Standard Rack models—delivers precise linear positioning with zero backlash for high-precision motion control applications. The Universal Rack model provides an ideal solution for customers that require the advanced features of the RPS system with thrust ratings up to 750 – 10500 N.

Differing from a traditional rack and pinion system, the RPS features a unique roller pinion/toothed rack combination. The pinion is comprised of bearing supported rollers that engage a unique tooth profile. Each tooth profile is precisely measured to ensure high positional accuracy and eliminate cumulative error. As a result, the Universal Rack model delivers high positional accuracy to ± 50 &mum (± 0.002 in), and an innovative meshing action results in less than 5 &mum (± 0.0002 in) of backlash.

The Universal Rack models feature durable alloy steel construction and or corrosive resistant stainless steel. Minimum periodic lubrication intervals are required to ensure maximum performance.

Like all RPS models, the Universal Rack installs in conjunction with a flange mount pinion and preloader. Racks are available in the standard 1 meter and ½ meter cut lengths or are able to be custom cut to certain lengths leaving no limit to travel distances. The RPS models are able to accommodate a wide range of application requirements.


  • precise linear positioning
  • thrust ratings up to 750 – 10500 N
  • alloy steel construction
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