Radial Shaft Seals


A new advanced version of SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE radial shaft seals is an ideal solution to restore malfunctioning sealing systems without requiring machine disassembly or shaft regrinding.  These unique wear sleeves ultimately provide enhanced sealing system performance, improved reliability, and extended MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) for a wide range of applications including industrial gearboxes, fans, pumps, electric motors, off-highway and construction vehicle components, and mining and mineral processing equipment, among many others. SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE seals uniquely benefit from a proprietary stainless steel material and manufacturing process offering increased strength and superior ductility.  This results in an optimized sealing surface that minimizes wear on the sleeve and sealing lip during operation. 

In tests conducted by SKF, the new generation SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE demonstrated 50% greater resistance to abrasive media than previous sleeve versions.  (Tests were performed using both coarse and fine dust at linear shaft speeds up to 8.6 m/s or 1,700 ft/min).  In addition, a 2,000-hour seal life expectancy test documented reduced wear on the seal counterface by approximately 30% compared with earlier versions. Standard sleeve sizes are available for shaft diameters from 11.99mm / 0.472 in. to 203.33mm / 8 in.  All SPEEDI-SLEEVES install easily without special equipment and can return shafts to service within minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional reworking. For highly abrasive environments and/or for applications integrating PTFE-filled seals, SPEEDI-SLEEVE is available in Gold versions featuring a thin, metallic coating applied to the base stainless steel to promote increased durability.


  • restore malfunctioning sealing systems
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