Radius Turn Conveyors Fit in Small Footprint


Re-designed narrow DynaCon radius turn conveyors enable conveyance of product around tight corners.


The redesigned radius turn conveyors allow small parts or packages to be conveyed in a reduced footprint on 4 to 10-in. wide conveyors with lateral turns.  These units can be designed with one or numerous opposing turns that run the gamut from 5 to 180 deg.


All DynaCon conveyors are constructed of modules that connect and reconnect to form systems of varying lengths and profiles.  Modules can be configured and reconfigured,  allowing for conveyor system flexibility. 



  • 4 to 10 in. wide
  • one or more opposing turns that range from 5 to 180 deg
  • ideal for handling small parts or packages

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Anonymous, Engineering, R&D, Design & Technical Management
Good one for small layout installation. I have questions for different sizes. How it will handle say different diameter bottles in single installation for example.