RAFIX Switches Offered in Pushbutton, Key, Selection, Signal Lamp and Emergency-Stop Configurations


C&K Components, a leading international supplier of tact switches, toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches, and smart card interconnect devices, has developed a new family of configurable switches with a quick connector and a low profile panel depth.  Designated the RAFIX 22 FS Series, the switches are available in pushbutton, selection, key, signal lamp and emergency-stop configurations, and require only 27mm of mounting depth behind the front plate.

“The minimal space requirements of the RAFIX 22 FS Series switches make them ideal for extremely flat applications that previously required PC board mounted switches,” said Vinny Acampora, product manager for C&K Components. “These switches also feature a quick connector that supports a modular installation concept, allowing them to be plugged into the panel and locked firmly into place, simplifying both ease of assembly and maintenance. This also lets the user store individual switch elements separately and configure them during final assembly to meet application-specific needs, while saving storage space and costs.”

All RAFIX 22 FS Series components are IP65 splash-water protected in accordance with DIN standards. The mounting diameter in the front plate is 22.3mm in accordance with IEC 60947 specifications. The RAFIX 22 FS Series switches are some of the only switches available on the market with quick connector terminals, as most other switches for applications of this depth are designed for PC board mounting.

The emergency-stop switches are designed with a positive mechanical movement sequence. A certain operating force must be exerted at the push cap in order to prevent inadvertent operation. When pressed, the pushbutton latches and is reset by turning the switch in a clockwise direction.

Wiring of the RAFIX 22 FS Series switches is carried out via a 2.8 x 0.8mm blade terminal, or via the soldering terminals in the quick connector. A ridge between the contacts prevents short circuits, even under tensile load of the connection cable.  Illuminated versions of the pushbutton and signal lamp switches are also available, with LEDs in five different colors which can be clicked into the switches from behind using flat contactors. All RAFIX 22 FS Series switches are available with gold contacts for electronic applications (min. 5V/1mA) or silver contacts for mains voltage (max. 250V/4A).

Typical pricing for the RAFIX 22 FS Series switches ranges from $25.50 to $32.50 for the complete assembly (switch and actuator).
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