Rapid Prototype Machine


Z Corporation introduces a rapid prototyping machine that builds high-end functional prototypes at one-third of the price of machines with comparable performance. Despite costing a fraction of the price of a stereolithography machine, the ZBuilder Ultra builds durable plastic parts that rival injection molding’s accuracy, material properties, detail and surface finish. It enables engineers to verify designs for form, fit and function prior to full-scale production, eliminating costly modifications to production tooling and shortening time to market.
How It Works
The ZBuilder Ultra builds 3D parts additively using a high-resolution Digital Light Processor (DLP) projector to solidify a liquid photopolymer.
Key Benefits
Duplicate digital CAD models precisely

• Accurate: part features within +/- 0.008 inches* (+/- 0.2 mm*)

• Precision optics and motion systems for repeatability

• Innovative process with movement only in the Z-direction

Build true functional plastic parts

Material properties rival final parts

• Strong and flexible

•  Consistent regardless of orientation

Razor-thin walls and sharp detail

• Minimum feature size: 0.005 inches 138 microns

•  X/Y resolution from highest-resolution DLP engine

• Precise control of light source delivers sharp edges  

Ultra-smooth surface finish

• Parts appear injection-molded

• Precise control of each voxel (3D pixel)

• No “stair stepping”

Save time

• 2X faster than other RP systems

•Verify designs the next day

• Speed independent of the number of parts in the build

Build size: 10.2 x 6.3 x 7.5 inches (260 x 160 x 190 mm)
*Typical (may vary by geometry, part orientation, build parameters, and process)
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