Receiver Bushings


FEATURES: Carr Lock(TM)System requires that each Clamp be used together with one of these Receiver Bushings. The clamp's locking balls engage the angled ID section of the Receiver Bushing, pulling the clamp firmly downward. Made in USA.


SIZES: Available for all Ball Lock Clamp shank diameters — see Dimensions page for part numbers:


INSTALLATION: Face-Mount Receiver Bushings can be bolted into a slip-fit bored hole from above, with three socket-head cap screws (furnished). Back-Mount Receiver Bushings are more compact, but take more effort to install. Back-mount bushings are installed in the subplate from below, with a slight press fit (measure actual bushing before boring hole to provide .0005 maximum press fit, to avoid ID distortion). With either bushing type, the installation holes must be jig bored for accurate size and location. Installed bushings will be approximately .012" below the subplate's top surface.

MATERIAL: 4340 steel, heat treated Rc 50-54, black oxide finish.

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