Receptacle/Wall Box with Integral Circuit Protection


Meltric Corporation introduces a receptacle/wall box combination with integral circuit protection that combines the safety of a pre-wired Meltric DSN Series switch rated receptacle with the convenience of local circuit protection in a compact package. The Receptacle/Wall Box with Integral Circuit Protection was designed to provide another installation option for the Meltric DSN Series switch rated receptacle and plugs that includes local circuit protection. The horsepower- rated DSN receptacle, which features a dead front safety shutter for protection from live parts and arc flash, is pre-mounted to the box and wired to the circuit protection device for easy installation. 

The receptacle/wall box features two types of integral circuit protection: 

FUSEHOLDER EQUIPPED MODELS: This model allows users to take advantage of the capabilities of the DSN Decontactor Series switch rated plugs and receptacles in applications where higher fault currents are not already protected with the required fusing. Fuseholder models are available with 20A or 30A receptacles and feature Ferraz Shawmut Ultra-Safe Fuse Holders (UL 512 / IEC 269). The fuseholders have a blown fuse indicator light for each pole and pivot open for easy and finger safe fuse replacement. 

CIRCUIT BREAKER EQUIPPED MODELS: This model allows users to provide overload protection in a convenient location near the application. The 20A & 30A models feature Eaton WMZT miniature circuit breakers (UL 489) and the 60A models use Eaton WMZS supplementary protectors (UL 1077). All are provided standard with a ‘C’ trip curve. A ‘D’ trip curve for the 20A and 30A breakers, and a ‘B’ trip curve for the 60A supplementary protectors are also available as options. All models are available with or without a viewing window and in either painted NEMA Type 4 and 12 mild steel or NEMA Type 4, 4X and 12 stainless steel enclosure. The door latch is a quarter-turn slotted stainless steel design for easy operation and durability    

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