Reciprocating linear motion drive -- backlash-free reversal -- no electronic controls or programming


The Amacoil/Uhing model RG linear drive features mechanical control over travel direction and linear speed eliminating the need for an electronic control system. Reversal of travel direction is automatic regardless of the speed or rotational direction of the shaft. Length of travel is increased or decreased using manually set end stops. Travel speed may also be regulated using a manual control on the drive unit without requiring changes to motor speed or gearing. Design engineers and MRO personnel seeking simplified linear motion systems will find the RG drive well suited to applications in variety of automated manufacturing processes in many industries including packaging, converting, textile, wire/cable and automotive. The RG drive is low maintenance requiring only light lubrication of the shaft once per month.

Available in seventeen sizes the RG drive meets axial thrust requirements from 7 to 800 pounds. Backlash is eliminated with specially machined "rolling ring" bearings which maintain constant point-contact with the shaft. When the shaft rotates the rotary motion is immediately converted to linear motion output. There is no play or free movement between shaft and bearings including during reversal.

The RG drive shaft is smooth; there are no threads where debris may be trapped and cause clogs or jams. This provides built-in overload protection because if the system is somehow overloaded, the nut will slip instead of churning and grinding. 


• Axial Thrust max. Newtons (lbs.) - 110 (24.73) • Mass kg (lbs.) – 71 (1.56) • C mm (in.) - 53 (2.09)