Reciprocating Machinery Protector for Continuous Vibration Monitoring and Protection of Reciprocating Compressors


The IMI Sensors division of PCB Piezotronics has announced the release of the Model 649A01 Reciprocating Machinery Protector (RMP), which utilizes the next generation of impact monitoring technology. This two-wire, loop-powered, 4-20 mA transmitter detects impacts from mechanical shock events, which typically occur in or near a machine’s cylinder assembly. This technology is particularly effective on reciprocating machinery where these high frequency impacts are often overlooked, or when trending overall vibration levels. The hermetically sealed design can be easily interfaced with existing alarm, control, and monitoring systems such as PLC’s, DCS’s, and SCADA systems. The field programmable features of the RMP allow users to customize each installation point, and tailor the output to suit their application. This includes variable set points and alarm levels for optimum performance. The RMP detects common reciprocating compressor faults such as loose or broken bolts, cracked connecting rods, and scoring in the cylinder.


• Output - 4-20 mA[2] • Machinery Frequency Range - 150 to 4800 cpm • Sampling Time - 0.2 to 6.4 sec • Lower Shock Threshold Level - 2 to 50 g • Upper Shock Threshold Level - 2 to 50 g • Excitation Voltage - 15-30 VDC • Maximum Load Resistance - 50 ohm • Operating Temperature Range - -40 to +212 ˚F • Storage Temperature Range - -40 to +257 ˚F • Size (Hex x Height) - 1.25 x 2.60 in • Weight - 7 oz
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