ReelFast MicroPEM Fasteners


New ReelFast® microPEM™ (Type SMTSO™) fasteners for compact electronic assemblies install permanently on P.C. boards in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the automated reflow solder process.  A unique hex-shaped barrel provides a larger solder area and, upon installation, the steel fasteners become another board component.  The fasteners can serve equally well as nuts or standoffs to space or stack P.C. boards, mount boards, or attach components. 

Their use can reduce the risk of damage to boards (and resulting scrap) that may occur when conventional fasteners are improperly installed with off-line equipment, minimize the number of loose parts, reduce board handling, and promote quicker assembly by eliminating secondary operations. The fasteners are offered in thread sizes as small as M1 / #0-80 and lengths as short as 1mm / 0.62”.  

All can be installed in boards as thin as 0.5mm / .020”. Fasteners are packaged on 13” recyclable reels measuring 16mm in width.  Reels conform to EIA-481 standards and are compatible with existing SMT automated installation equipment.  A supplied polyimide patch for the end of the fastener allows for vacuum pickup.


  • install permanently on P.C. boards
  • hex-shaped barrel 
  • reduce the risk of damage to boards

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