Refrigerated Extractor Dryer


La-Man Corporation offers a series of Refrigerated Extractor Dryers to provide reduced dewpoint temperatures and air line filtration all in one unit for a wide variety of compressed air applications. The Refrigerated Extractor dryer uses cold coalescing to continuously remove the condensed liquids. The Refrigerated Extractor Dryer uses refrigeration to cool the air to condense aerosols into liquid contamination. The Extractor Dryer is used in the cold circuit to remove the liquid contamination where it is formed. The Extractor Dryer also filters solid particles down to 5 microns. The clean dry air is then reheated to a useable temperature prior to exiting the device. The result is compressed air that is clean and dried to eliminate any condensation downstream.

Product features include a lighted power On/Off switch, Refrigeration circuit condition indicator, and a condenser panel filter. Maintenance is quick and easy. Service kits are available for the Extractor Dryer.


Specifications: • Lighted Power ON / OFF Switch • Refrigeration Warning Indicator • Environmentally friendly refrigerant (no CFC's) • Inlet pressure range = 20 PSIG to 175 PSIG • Inlet temperature range = 40°F to 120° F • Ambient air temperature range = 40° F to 113° F • Normal pressure loss (through clean unit) = 5 PSIG • Electrical requirements: 115vac/50/60cyc/1ph
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