Releases New Tabletop Bagger-“Next Bag Out” Technology Sets New Standard


Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. announced the release of its newest bagging machine, the T-375 Tabletop Bagger/Printer. The packaging machine offers the company’s newly patented “Next Bag Out” printing capability. Advanced Poly Vice President of Sales, Stuart Baker, said the technology allows for printing just prior to loading which guarantees accurate labeling.

“This machine will bring a sigh of relief to any packager who needs labeling to be precise, especially those in the pharmaceutical industry,” said Baker.

Baker explained that pharmacists in hospitals, outpatient clinics and busy medical offices as well as mainstream pharmacies will enjoy peace of mind knowing that their precision is higher, while their liability risks are lower. When the pharmacist, for example, scans an order, the crucial information will automatically print directly on a pre-opened bag on a roll as it’s feeding into the machine. The product is then manually dropped into the bag and the bag is sealed. The T-375 notably reduces the risk of mistakes due to human error, said Baker.

While the benefits may be obvious for pharmaceutical packagers, Baker said the T-375, weighing only 125 pounds, is also designed for people who want to package small quantities of various part numbers.

“It’s easy,” said Baker. “The T-375 allows you to save and recall jobs, so you can quickly switch from one application to another.”

The T-375 design was initiated when customers asked for a machine that offers the highest degree of labeling accuracy without losing the automation that brings efficiency to any packaging operation.

“I think Advanced Poly has raised the bar significantly with this one,” said Baker. “It’s our job to mold our capabilities around the needs of our customers – not the other way around.”

The T-375 offers numerous features, including:
· Full-color screen with pop-up windows (including diagnostic and troubleshooting screens)
· Preset and totalizing bag counter
· Automatic “paced” operation with fill time delay timer
· Universal, adjustable parts chute
· Adjustable support shelf
· Blower with flow controls
· One year limited parts warranty

Contact Advanced Poly-Packaging for a product evaluation to determine if the T-375 is the right bagger for your application.


• Seal mechanism 1/8" Solid heater bar • Cycle operation Automatic paced • Bag size range (10" rolls) 2" x 2" up to 11" x 16" • Guard-switch feature Standard • Product pass-through 2-3/4" (can be increased) • Electric 110V/60Hz • Air 50psi • Dimensions 20" W x 14" D x 21" H • Weight 50 lbs.
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