RELIALINE™ 170 Heating System


Watlow®, a designer and manufacturer of electric heaters, controllers and temperature sensors, introduces the RELIALINE™ 170 heating system – the first modular line heater that can be quickly delivered and easily installed in high-performance applications. RELIALINE 170 features precisely controlled heat distribution and is automatically self regulating to provide temperature uniformity, reducing the need for complicated control systems thus saving costs. Watlow’s newest heating system technology is designed and constructed for adaptability, which is ideal for quick prototyping. Its patent-pending technology allows Watlow to configure a product to the application’s specific dimensions. Any individual RELIALINE 170 heater segment within the system can be independently removed at any point along the line to speed servicing, thus decreasing downtime. The RELIALINE heating system improves temperature uniformity by precisely heating individual elbow, tee and VCR® fittings. The temperature compensation feature allows the system to increase wattage in cooler regions and decrease the power in warmer zones thus improving the temperature uniformity of the entire line. The heating system is compatible with a wide variety of simple control systems. This simplifies and improves system performance by allowing use of open-loop control for low-performance applications or improving temperature reliability when using PID control systems. The RELIALINE 170 fits the outside diameter of standard tubing, creating intimate contact with maximum surface coverage. The internal rails are spring loaded to allow for a “click-on” fit and maximum contact force for improved thermal transfer. RELIALINE 170 features a new insulation system that incorporates Watlow’s “double pane” design, which uses air as an insulator. This ensures outside surface temperatures that are safe-to-touch (meets SEMI S2). In addition, the air insulation reduces potential outgassing or particulate contamination.


• Temperature: 40 to 170c • Temperature Uniformity: • First Pass Uniform Equal to iterative custom systems • Tyoical uniform • _|+20c running open loop • _+10c with simple feedback control
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