Remanufacturing Reference Guide


Henkel Corporation has introduced the new Remanufacturing Reference Guide, a comprehensive 20-page overview of the company's complete line of Loctite® and Bonderite® cleaners, adhesives, sealants, metalworking lubricants and coolants for engine and transmission remanufacturing. The new literature features more than 90 products for every remanufacturing step, from cleaning to remachining and reassembly.   

The Remanufacturing Reference Guide is divided into three easy-to-reference sections: Cleaning, Remachining and Reassembly. Each of the three sections features at-a-glance charts that outline products for specific applications. In the Cleaning section, the literature highlights products for removing residual paint, rust, dirt, grease, oil, carbon buildup, coking and other contaminants. The section on Remachining highlights machining lubricants and coolants that extend tool life, reduce waste, improve quality and increase throughput. 

Product charts provide an overview of Multan® metal forming and metal removal products and break out the substrates for which they are best suited. Adhesives and sealants are the focus of the Reassembly section, which lists Loctite® threadlockers, thread sealants, retaining compounds, liquid gaskets, lubricants and other bonding and repair technologies.