Remote Sensors Permit Condition Monitoring In Hard-To-Access Spaces


Maintenance technicians who find condition monitoring of mechanical, electrical and fluid applications difficult to conduct in areas where accessibility is an issue, are offered a number of solutions in newly available accessories for UE Systems' famous Ultraprobe® instruments.

UE Systems' Remote Access Sensor (RAS), includes a sensing transducer which is permanently mounted on a test subject such as a pump, motor, bearing or valve housing. It is connected to a cable, which can be inserted through a test port and attached to an Ulraprobe to data log and/or record sound samples for analysis.

Another remote sensor, the RAS-MT is a magnetically mounted transducer assembly with cable, included with the Ultraprobe 10,000 and available as an optional accessory for the 9000. This accessory provides consistency while monitoring equipment condition and will operate in difficult-to-reach test points.

The only sensor of its kind to operate without human presence, the UE Ultra-Trak 750™ measures ultrasonic amplitude changes on a continuous basis, thereby providing early warning of mechanical failure, valve leakage or flow disruption. This dust-proof and waterproof stainless steel-housed sensor is designed to function in the harshest of environments. It is connected via cable with 4-20 mA.0-10VDC and heterodyned outputs to remotely record or data log equipment for passively monitoring ultrasound. The Ultra-Trak 750 can also be readily connected to other devices to provide warning alarms regarding system failure or for tracking potential problems over time. The Ultra-Trak 750 can even be used for sound level increases, such as to warn of onset of valve leakage or bearing failure.

UE Systems manufactures and distributes the Ultraprobe series and continuous on-line monitors for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection to solve condition monitoring, energy conservation and predictive maintenance needs. UE Systems is part of the UE Group of companies. Other group members are: UE Training Systems which offers the world's first certifiable courses in airborne ultrasound and UE Service Partners, an affiliation of highly qualified inspection service providers.
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