Remote Valve Operator


Allowing remote operation of valves located in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas, Smith Flow Control (SFC) offers the Flexi-Drive valve actuator. Flexi-Drive has proven effective for use in the power industry and chemical, petrochemical and oil processing industries.

Flexi-Drive attaches to the host valve with no modifications required. A patented flexible linear drive cable connects the valve to a hand wheel up to 200 feet away, accommodating 540 degrees of bends in the cable run. The system can be passed around and through walls, bulkheads and floors, and is completely sealed and permanently lubricated for maintenance-free operation.

Flexi-Drive is completely submersible, operating in water up to 50 ft. It is constructed from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel, and designed to withstand temperatures from -65 to +400 degrees Fahrenheit. The Flexi-Drive’s clutching system replaces the sheer pins used by similar products, ensuring reliable operation throughout its 20,000 valve cycle service life.


  • no modifications required
  • completely sealed and permanently lubricated
  • operates in water up to 50 ft.
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