Removable Insta-Racks


Benko Products, Inc. announces the company’s GREEN Access & Fall Protection Removable Insta-Racks facilitate easy installation, removal and reuse. All GREEN Insta-Racks are designed to provide safe access and fall protection to the top of single-dome tank/bulk trucks, tank cars and hopper cars.

New Removable Insta-Racks eliminate the need for time-consuming and costly foundations. The racks are simply installed with counterweights positioned on supports on the unit, providing an ideal solution for companies with temporary loading stations. Featuring no underground anchors, racks can be easily removed, loaded on a truck and moved to another facility—leaving nothing behind.

“GREEN Access & Fall Protection is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of access and fall protection equipment for tank trucks and rail cars,” said Doug Ingram, product manager. “The new Removable Insta-Rack provides a simple and rugged alternative to racks that install into the ground, as well as portable racks on wheels.” Ingram adds, “Once the Removable Insta-Rack is in position with the counterweights installed, the unit allows easy personnel maneuverability, while securely retaining its position.”

The removable and reusable racks feature robust, versatile construction, accommodating diverse application requirements. The standard four-legged 4 x 6-foot platform is engineered for operator safety and compliance with OSHA standards, and a 30-inch access stairway is also OSHA approved. A 3-foot wide aluminum gangway provides room to walk around, and a safety enclosure raises and lowers manually.  Removable Insta-Racks can be customized to feature different access equipment, meet virtually any height requirement and suit other unique applications.


  • provides safe access and fall protection
  • no underground anchors
  • 3-foot wide aluminum gangway
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