Renold Jeffrey Publishes New Roller Chain Catalog


April 17, 2006 — Morristown, TN — Renold Jeffrey has published a comprehensive new Roller Chain Catalog featuring more than 150 pages of detailed product and engineering information for the company’s full line of precision roller chains.

The catalog includes complete dimensional information for innovative Renold Jeffrey products, including long-lasting Synergy®, maintenance-free Syno®, corrosion-resistant Hydro-Service®, and the company’s latest innovation, Renold Roller Chain, with unique, end-softened pins that cut to length quickly and easily in the field.

Product information is organized by category: Standard Chain, Synergy® Chain, Self-Lubricated Chain, Corrosion Resistant Chain, Attachment Chain, Leaf Chain, Specialty Chain, and Components. A 35-page engineering section covers chain installation and maintenance, design, selection, ordering information, and useful formulas, tables, and conversion factors. A full product index is also included for easy reference.

Renold Jeffrey is the evolution of two of the strongest names in chain history. The company applies more than two centuries of combined experience to develop innovative chain products designed to save time and money.
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