Repair Equipment from 10,000 Miles Away Right from your PC


NEW YORK --TANDBERG® (OSLO: TAA.OL), a global leader in visual communication, today introduces FieldView™, a high-resolution mobile video system that enables remote workers to visually collaborate and troubleshoot field issues with centrally-located experts. By bringing the problem to the expert, organizations are better able to maximize the valuable time of their workforce – scaling expertise to many locations instantly.

FieldView, a wireless hand-held device, transmits detailed video streams to remote experts who communicate in real-time with the onsite worker, saving time and money. Many industries stand ready to benefit from this type of mobile visual communication solution:
· Manufacturing workers onsite can visually share and illustrate line equipment malfunctions with remote experts.
· Construction workers can immediately address a site’s structural problems with engineers at headquarters.
· Oil and gas platform workers can walk through repair procedures with a vendor onshore.
· Medical technicians in the field can discuss patient conditions with specialists at regional hospitals.

“FieldView’s handheld portability makes it possible to highlight detailed products, processes and machinery that otherwise would be hard to share visually,” said John Paul Williams, TANDBERG global business development manager, manufacturing. “With TANDBERG FieldView, companies don’t have to remain at a standstill while they wait for a specialist to physically come and investigate the problem. Operations keep running.”

The FieldView system features built-in two-way audio (VoIP) and one-way video transmission. Images and audio are wirelessly transmitted to any computer with access to a wireless 802.11 b/g network. The FieldView PC application allows experts to control the device remotely, focusing and zooming in on specific areas for review. FieldView is also able to capture still images that can be annotated in real-time on both the PC and by using the Fieldview device’s stylus and touch-controlled screen interface. Recording capabilities allow users to archive material for a later date or collaborate over previously recorded material.

As part of the TANDBERG Total Solution, FieldView can be integrated into office-based video meetings by using a PC with the FieldView application and H.239 dual stream capabilities. This allows live video in the field to be viewed by other office locations, enabling full team discussions and extending the reach of vital content.

FieldView is available in the United States beginning in March, followed by Canada and EU/EEA.


• High resolution video up to 2.5Mbps SIP with the same software on all three models • Ability to fully control the FieldView Device from the remote expert’s computer including 2 way telestration • Integrated 802.11 b/g wireless LAN. Connect to a cellphone line via wifi in the FieldView Device (cellphone line in a PDA, laptop or router) • FieldView Rugged and Ex are certified for harsh environments with environmental sealing for protection from dust and liquids, drop proof up to 4 feet and operation in temperatures from -10°C to +40°C • FieldView EX is a device that has been approved for use in Class I, Div 2 or Zone 2 hazardous locations
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