Retaining Compounds


Henkel Corporation has enhanced three Loctite® anaerobic retaining compounds to allow primer less performance on oily or contaminated surfaces, even at operating temperatures as high as 180°C. Used in combination with interference fits to secure bearings, bushings, gears and cylindrical assemblies into housings or shafts, Loctite® 638, 648 and 680 Retaining Compounds allow higher load transmission, better performance with existing designs, relaxed machining tolerances and reductions in the size, weight and overall cost of an assembly. All three improved Loctite® retaining adhesives make joints stronger, distribute stress evenly, prevent corrosion and fretting and reduce or eliminate expensive machining and surface-finishing operations. Loctite®638 is a general-purpose retaining compound recommended for press fits that will need subsequent disassembly. 

Designed for use on loose-fitting parts, this globally-available, high-strength adhesive resists temperatures to 175°C and can be used on applications with larger gaps approaching 0.25 mm. The adhesive is registered to NSF Category P1. Loctite® 648 is a high-strength retaining compound recommended for continuous working temperatures to 180°C. This globally-available, general-purpose retaining adhesive fixtures in five minutes with full cure in 24 hours and is designed for use on close-fitting parts. The high-strength formulation bonds well to stainless steel press and interference fits, and fills gaps to 0.15 mm. The adhesive is certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use in potable water systems. Loctite® 680 is a high-strength retaining adhesive for use on slip-fitted parts with gaps as large as 0.38 mm. This low-viscosity material is certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use in potable water systems.


  • primer less performance
  • higher load transmission
  • relaxed machining tolerances