Retractable Work Enclosures


Chamtech retractable enclosures provide a contained and versatile work area, when extended and 360° access for the delivery and removal of large, hard-to-maneuver work pieces, when retracted.  As an added bonus, valuable floor space is made available when the enclosure is not in use. This functionality leads to a quick return on investment through reductions in labor and the efficient use of existing real estate.

In response to growing environmental and workplace air-quality concerns, Chamtech has adapted their retractable enclosures to channel dust, fumes and other airborne contaminants into cross-flow or portable filtration systems. Chamtech is allied with filtration companies in order to consult and offer their clients a comprehensive solution.

 When designed for outdoor use, Chamtech clear span retractables protect work areas from the elements of even the most extreme climates. They are a more reliable, quicker to deploy, more efficient and safer method of controlling heat, humidity levels and protecting work areas in applications where tarps and man power were the only solution. In effect, these retractable enclosures reduce covering times and augment workplace safety.

The light-weight, high-strength rolling structure retracts to a fraction of its extended length. The structure is enclosed with a highly translucent or colored, fire-retardant shell. Chamtech’s translucent materials save energy and money by allowing natural light or exterior shop lighting to shine in, eliminating the need for artificial or extra lighting inside the enclosure. Sound absorbing and insulated shells are available. The front and rear ends of Chamtech’s retractable enclosures can be customized to meet a number of entry and exit requirements such as hinged doors, roll-up fabric doors, draw curtain walls and more.


  • quick to deploy
  • light-weight, high-strength
  • retracts to a fraction of its extended length
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