Reverse Phase Relay


The Model 253 Reverse Phase Relay is a solid-state sensing device designed for installation in equipment using 3-phase power. This unit is used where it is desirable to have a contact closure indicating that the proper phase rotation sequence has been applied.

The relay closes when the proper sequence (ABC) is applied, but will remain open if any two phases are reversed. If reverse phasing occurs during operating, the relay also de-energizes.

The Model 253 has a special industrial-grade relay designed for low power consumption. The ABC indicator will be illuminated when the proper phase rotation sequence is applied.




Nominal Voltage

 208 - 480 VAC
(phase to phase)

Operating Range

190 - 480 VAC


 50 to 60 Hz

Power Consumption

 2W per phase

Transient Protection

 2500V for 10 msec

Repeat Accuracy

 ± 0.1%
(fixed conditions)

Response Time

 .05 seconds

Reset Time

 .05 seconds

Reset Type


Dead Band

Approximately 2% 

Output Contacts

 SPDT 10A at 240 VAC resistive

Expected Relay Life

Mech: 10 million operations
Elec: 100,000 at rated load

Operating Temp

- 40° to +131° F 

Humidity Tolerance

0 - 97% w/o condensation 

Case Material

ABS Plastic 


 8-pin socket *(order separately)


6 oz. 

Agency Approval

UL Recognized and CSA Certified 


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