RFID-coded, non-contact safety switch helps reduce machine and wiring cost


Protection of personnel and equipment is a main concern on the plant floor. At the same time, safety systems should be designed to offer flexibility and promote productivity. The new Allen-Bradley SensaGuard family of RFID-coded, non-contact switches from Rockwell Automation meets all these design needs – a marketplace innovation.
 “Thanks to its industry-leading innovative technology, including a high safety rating, flexible design, extended diagnostics and RFID coding, SensaGuard improves safety and helps reduce troubleshooting time and machine wiring costs,” said Richard Galera, marketing manager for Safety Components, Rockwell Automation.    
SensaGuard non-contact safety switches are Category 4/SIL 3 rated switches per EN954-1, TÜV functional safety approved to IEC61508. Unlike lower rated switches, the SensaGuard will shut down a machine if a failure occurs before there is a demand on the safety device – which improves machine operator safety. SensaGuard is especially  
suited for machines where multiple access doors must be monitored up to a Safety Category 4/SIL 3.
In addition, SensaGuard does not need a dedicated controller, allowing system designers to use one relay to support the entire safety system, including light curtains,
e-stops and non-contact switches. Switches can be connected to a standard safety relay, such as the MSR126, MSR127, MSR200/300 Family, SmartGuard and safety I/O blocks. This application feature helps reduce machine wiring costs.
SensaGuard also contains built-in diagnostic capabilities. Green LED lights let operators know a machine is running safely. If a failure occurs, the unit LED blinks RED, alerting operators directly to the problem switch, and helps to reduce troubleshooting and maintenance time.
Featuring the latest generation of RFID technology for coding and inductive technology for sensing, SensaGuard offers a large sensing range and tolerance to misalignment. It also features a variety of package styles, including tubular, and can be mounted with a standard bracket, which offers designers convenience and flexibility.
SensaGuard is ideally suited for a wide range of industrial-safety applications in all manufacturing markets, including those that utilize high pressure wash downs, such as automotive, food, beverage, packaging and material handling. SensaGuard is IP69K environmental-rated, and also offers short-circuit and overvoltage protection.


• Case Material ULTRADUR • Actuator Material ULTRADUR • ColourRed • Safety Output (Solid State Relay)2 x N.C. 50mA • Auxiliary 1 x PNP N.O. 200mA • Switch response time5ms • Series response time5ms • Maximum Frequency of Operation 1Hz
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