RFID Tag Embedding System for Smart Label Converting


Leading label manufacturer and RFID converting technology specialist Worldlabel, an Internet marketing division of Innotech Resources Pte Ltd, based in Singapore is pleased to announce the introduction of its premier Infinity V1 RFID Tag and Inlay embedding system for Smart RFID label converting. The highly flexible state of the art machine targets many different market sectors including supply chain, consumer packaging, as well as pharmaceuticals, baggage tracking tags and many other applications. This new machine provides a low cost method of converting RFID tags/inlays to be embedded accurately into a paper or film label, even though each production batch has varying size labels and requires a different type of RFID tag to be embedded in a different area of the label. The machine incorporates a number of patent-pending processes and techniques that are unique and provides the highest read rates in the industry. The novel online bad tag detection and removal system assures maximum quality, reliability and readability of the labels. The new generation machine was jointly developed and built with TÜV SÜD PSB Group. "We are very excited to be part of the development and introduction of the Infinity RFID Smart label converting machine. We are very confident that the machine will meet the most demanding RFID label converting needs of industry. Its versatility, compactness and accuracy in embedding inlays is a major advancement in Smart Label converting technology and makes this machine one of its kind" said Mr. YS Chin, Assistant Vice President (PSB Technologies) of T*V S*D PSB Group. The machine will be produced in Singapore and the current lead-time is approximately 12 weeks. The Infinity can be modulated with current label converting lines or used stand alone. Set-up is easy and turn around time for creating different batches RFID Labels is quick. A user friendly Touch Pad enables the operator to key in the metric of the length needed for accurate insertion. "We will still continue converting RFID Labels but decided to introduce the Infinity because of market demand and factors. We received some inquires for our proprietary technology to be transferred to several converters, We realized that the market in many cases is moving towards specialty applications, not just the standard run 4 x 6" labels. said Mr. Alex Choong, President of Worldlabel Asia. Because of this, the need for the label converter to be versatile in producing all types of RFID labels is critical and being close to the system integrator and end user is becoming a necessity to move RFID adoption even further." said Mr. Choong "We are very excited as this opens up the field and gives the opportunity for label converters everywhere to quickly facilitate the special RFID label needs of each end user."
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